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The Gathering

The Lycan War Saga Book Two

The World is Awake…

Kestrel has gathered all here Weres and now moves to form alliances. E.A.R.T.H or Earth, Anger, Retaliate to Heal, an eco-terrorist group, presents Kestrel with numbers and shared purpose.

Sylvanis, desperate to catch up with Kestrel, who seems to be two steps ahead, is doing everything she can to gather allies to help her fight. Unfortunately, one of her most powerful allies, Clint, has gone rogue, or worse- wild.

While each side prepares for the coming war, other enemies are making themselves known. The United States government fears their power and is making moves to eliminate them, and a mysterious stranger, with a powerful weapon, has one goal… to kill all lycans.

Will they be able to gather their forces in time? Or will the dangers of this age destroy them before they even get started?

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Since the age of 10, Michael has been fascinated with the world of fantasy. Devouring book after book by his favorite authors, he grew to love the written word.

Later in life he combined the two by playing Dungeons and Dragons every Tuesday night for better part of a decade. First, as a player, but then turned his creativity into being the Dungeon Master.

Creating deep and imaginative story-lines to challenge his players, he soon began to realize he could use this skill to write novels.


A decade and a half later, filled with falling in love, getting married and having two wonderful boys, he managed to write and publish his first novel, "The Awakening: Part One" in February of 2017 followed by "The Awakening: Part Two" later that same year. These were the first books of The Lycan War Saga.


This was Michael's first foray into contemporary urban paranormal fantasy and it was well received.


The year after the release of, "The Awakening: Part Two," Michael released, "Prelude to the Shards," the first book in a new series, "Shards of the Coven," which for Michael, was a return to the genre he had pursued his whole life, fantasy.

Michael continues to write and is following up his series with the imminent release of Book Two of the Lycan War Saga, "The Gathering" and "Star Fall," the follow-up to, "Prelude to the Shards."

The Lycan War Saga

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The Shards of the Coven Series


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