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Writing about writing

June 16, 2017

Writing for me is sometimes very difficult. I work long hours and my day starts at 12:20...AM. So I am usually very tired all of the time. Which is not conducive to creativity. Though, surprising though, I was working on my short story, "Intellect" yesterday and I was writing a lot. Yet, I was writing in a haze. I could hardly remember what I wrote.

Writing for me, when I'm on though, I'm on. I can fly through something at a very good pace. I'm what they call a pantster. This is someone who doesn't make an outline for their story. Gods! An outline! That would kill my creativity if I actually tried to do an outline. So no, no outline for me. I just write. I'm fortunate, because as it has happened, usually, when I write, everything seems to come together without me really trying. Hopefully, it will keep doing that.


Till next time...

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