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Secret magic and a tragic cost. Can a group of fledgling heroes find the key to saving their world from a deadly spellcaster?

Quint Linksill won’t rest until he’s proven his innocence. But he’s shocked when his frantic attempts to show he didn’t kill the love of his life have driven him straight into the devious clutches of the Blood Mage. And when chaos descends from the stars, Quint is forced down a murderous path to slay an innocent to save his friend.

Whisp is intent on revenge. And the young thief has one hand on the prize when fate rips justice away from her in one devastating stroke. Now robbed of her single-minded purpose, she finds herself swept along with a one-handed man and his mission to save a life.

Sojin, Lyyra and Malk find their hopes of stopping Unkirk and the Elders dashed, and all seems lost. But new hope rises, and they now know they must do what they have trained for: become Witchguard.

Never Brin is proud of her work and her shop’s promising future. But she barely survives her grief when a flood of formidable power flows through her and kills her unborn child. And with no idea why hungry forces are hunting her down, she must flee her home or be killed.

While Quint and Whisp must find the one thing that will save Quint’s friend, they instead unleash a danger that magic can’t stop. As Never, unsure of who to trust, and the realm reeling from the disaster, must find her purpose and claim her destiny. And as powerful forces hunt her down, she finds unlikely help from three warriors who claim it is their duty to protect her. For Never is now a Witch of the Coven and must stop the dark forces bent on taking over their world.

Will their land fall under the malevolent rule of a shadowy fiend?

Star Fall is the second spellbinding story in the Shards of the Coven fantasy series. If you like enchanting protagonists, compelling world-building, and breathtaking twists and turns, then you’ll love Michael Timmins’s remarkable tale.

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Since the age of 10, Michael has been fascinated with the world of fantasy. Devouring book after book by his favorite authors, he grew to love the written word.

Later in life he combined the two by playing Dungeons and Dragons every Tuesday night for better part of a decade. First, as a player, but then turned his creativity into being the Dungeon Master.

Creating deep and imaginative story-lines to challenge his players, he soon began to realize he could use this skill to write novels.


A decade and a half later, filled with falling in love, getting married and having two wonderful boys, he managed to write and publish his first novel, "The Awakening: Part One" in February of 2017 followed by "The Awakening: Part Two" later that same year. These were the first books of The Lycan War Saga.


This was Michael's first foray into contemporary urban paranormal fantasy and it was well received.


The year after the release of, "The Awakening: Part Two," Michael released, "Prelude to the Shards," the first book in a new series, "Shards of the Coven," which for Michael, was a return to the genre he had pursued his whole life, fantasy.

Michael continues to write and is following up his series with the imminent release of Book Two of the Lycan War Saga, "The Gathering" and "Star Fall," the follow-up to, "Prelude to the Shards."

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