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Shards of the Coven Series

Welcome to Ismia. "The Shards of the Coven" series swirls around the lives of Quint Linksill, a man devastated by personal loss and searching for answers. Sojin, Lyyra and Malk, three warriors racing for survival only to find themselves embroiled in a dark plot that will change everything they believe in. And Whisp, a young female thief who also happens to wield the powerful magic of an Essence mage and because of this, is now hunted by the Shen, the magic hunters employed by the Witches of the Coven.

Events beyond their control will bring them together and each will need to make a decision which will change the lives of the people of the Eastern Cantons and perhaps, all of Ismia. For a young woman named, Never, their decisions will decide if she lives, or dies.

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Prelude to the Shards

Quint is accused of murdering his love.

Innocent, and on the run, his only hope- to seek the counsel of the Witch of Time, whose ability to delve a person’s timeline is the only way to prove his innocence. 

With the help of his unique companion, Wren, he must travel to Covenhome, the seat of power for the Coven. Hunted by a man for his own dark purposes, Quint must elude capture and avoid becoming a pawn in a much larger game.

Who will be chosen to become a Witchguard?

For generations, the Race has been an important event on the isle of Hail. Men and women compete to be chosen for the Witchguard, the protectors of the Coven.

For Sojin and Lyyra this year’s Race was to be like all of the Races of the past, but a mysterious stranger is about to change everything they thought they knew and believed.

Ghost isn't like other towns.

Once it was a thriving port on a vast lake. When the lake mysteriously dried up, so did the town. Once rich and prosperous, it became a town for the lost and forgotten. 

A place where, for a price, anything can be had. A place ruled by gangs and thieves.

Whisp isn't like other thieves.

Barely into her teens, her skill far exceeds her age. That's because Whisp has a secret- she wields Essence magic, one of the magics forbidden by the Coven.

Now, the Shen, the magic hunters, have come for her, but they have made a mistake. They came to Ghost, and this is her town.



Star Fall




Secret magic and a tragic cost. Can a group of fledgling heroes find the key to saving their world from a deadly spellcaster?

Quint Linksill won’t rest until he’s proven his innocence. But he’s shocked when his frantic attempts to show he didn’t kill the love of his life have driven him straight into the devious clutches of the Blood Mage. And when chaos descends from the stars, Quint is forced down a murderous path to slay an innocent to save his friend.

Whisp is intent on revenge. And the young thief has one hand on the prize when fate rips justice away from her in one devastating stroke. Now robbed of her single-minded purpose, she finds herself swept along with a one-handed man and his mission to save a life.

Sojin, Lyyra and Malk find their hopes of stopping Unkirk and the Elders dashed, and all seems lost. But new hope rises, and they now know they must do what they have trained for: become Witchguard.

Never Brin is proud of her work and her shop’s promising future. But she barely survives her grief when a flood of formidable power flows through her and kills her unborn child. And with no idea why hungry forces are hunting her down, she must flee her home or be killed.

While Quint and Whisp must find the one thing that will save Quint’s friend, they instead unleash a danger that magic can’t stop. As Never, unsure of who to trust, and the realm reeling from the disaster, must find her purpose and claim her destiny. And as powerful forces hunt her down, she finds unlikely help from three warriors who claim it is their duty to protect her. For Never is now a Witch of the Coven and must stop the dark forces bent on taking over their world.

Will their land fall under the malevolent rule of a shadowy fiend?

Star Fall is the second spellbinding story in the Shards of the Coven fantasy series. If you like enchanting protagonists, compelling world-building, and breathtaking twists and turns, then you’ll love Michael Timmins’s remarkable tale.

Buy Star Fall to stand up against tyranny today!

Map of Ismia

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