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Sylvanis and her Weres

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Werewolves, tigers and bears, oh my!


The world is awakening: Primeval powers. Druid sorcery. In the final battle for humanity, will these outcast shifters turn savior… or executioner?

Over two millennia ago, two powerful Druidesses went to war. Kestrel, believing that civilization would destroy nature, created the first Weres; Powerful shifters in the form of the Boar, Snake, Rat and Crocodile. Sylvanis, her rival, believed that with the help of the Druids, humanity could learn to coexist with nature and created her own Weres; Wolf, Bear, Fox and Tiger to fight Kestrel and her Were-soldiers.

In the end, Kestrel was defeated… or was she? Through dark magic, she kept her soul alive so that one day she could return to wage war on humanity all over again. In a desperate gamble, Sylvanis cast her own spell so that she would be reborn to defend humanity against Kestrel.


That time is now!

Now, seven disparate individuals find themselves shifting into monsters that were once only a thing of fantasy and mythology. They must learn to control these new powers, for they are destined to fight in this ancient war that will take place right here, right now.

As ancient omens of war spread throughout every corner of the world, the descendants of fearsome were-soldiers must choose sides. Will they defend civilization or condemn it into oblivion?

The Awakening is the first book in the captivating Lycan War Saga series of dark fantasies. If you like ancient magic, powerful adversaries, and new twists on lycanthropy, then you’ll love Michael Timmins wholly original tale.

Buy The Awakening to shift into a dark fantasy today!

Two millennia ago, two powerful Druidesses fought a war for the fate of civilization. Through magic, they have awoken in present day and the ancestors of their chosen warriors, the Lycans, were-creatures of immense power, have had the power of lycanthropy manifest within them to fight a war that will either bring civilization to its knees, or save it. Start the War today with, "The Awakening"


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The World is Awake…

Kestrel has collected all here Weres and now moves to form alliances. E.A.R.T.H or Earth, Anger, Retaliate to Heal, an eco-terrorist group presents Kestrel with numbers and shared purpose.

Sylvanis, desperate to catch up with Kestrel, who seems to always be two steps ahead, is doing everything she can to gather together allies to help her fight. Unfortunately, one of her most powerful allies, Clint, has gone rogue, or worse- wild.

While each side prepares for the coming war, other enemies are making themselves known. The United States government fears their power and is making moves to eliminate them, and a mysterious stranger, with a powerful weapon, has one goal… to kill all shifters.

Will they be able to gather their forces in time? Or will the dangers of this age destroy them before they even get started?

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