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What's going on? A lot!

I have much going on these days. I am still finishing a once over on my manuscript before turning it over to the editor. I am looking through model poses in order to find the right pose to show the artist what I want on the cover. I am contacting producers to try and find one who will do the audio version of my book, with very little pay as they would only be getting royalty share from a book that as of yet does not have a strong sales history. We are 40 hours to the close of my kickstarter project, which as of now, is still successful. (crossing fingers) as I've learned that I can lose backers at any point, so hopefully those who are on, will stay on. Lastly, still doing some writing (in my head) for Book Two of the Lycan War Saga. All this, on top of a 50+ hour work week, and raising two boys. So.... I'm busy! But I love it, and I am committed on getting this done.

Till next time.

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