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Life...finds a way.

Life finds a way. A way to get in the way. At least when it comes to writing. Writing, is a very solitary pursuit. You need quiet and to be undisturbed. You need time to get your head in the game and you need to be rested so that thoughts and ideas come unabated. This perfect storm doesn't happen easily, if at all.

As a father of two wonderful young boys and with a job which sees me waking up a little after midnight to work 10+ hours these opportunities to write are few and far between. What is frustrating is that many times while I'm at work I have a flood of ideas and no means to write them.

I do my best to set time aside, but sometimes that isn't enough as work has me so tired I can't or don't want to sit and write. Someday, I hope to have a readership which will allow me to write exclusively. Until then, I will try to bring you works as quickly as I can and hope you have patience to wait for the next installments of my books.

Thank you for all of your support out there and I hope you keep enjoying my writing as much as I enjoy bringing these worlds to you.

I am always looking forward to talking with my readers, so come find me on facebook, instagram and twitter. See you soon!

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