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Inside the Coven

A while ago, I started writing the story for, "Intellect" and "Race of the Witchguard" though they didn't carry those names at the time. They were just seeds of ideas that hadn't had a chance to really grow and thrive.

It wasn't until after I published, "The Awakening: Part One" and Part Two that I decided to return to those stories and integrate them into the same world. The world of the Coven.

The coven started out as little stories I used to tell my youngest son who was fascinated with witches. Somewhere along the way, the witches would all have colors and I would begin to attach qualities to them based on their colors. The green witch used magic of nature, the red witch, magic of fire...etc. Those little stories gave me the idea for the Coven.

The Coven is the ruling body of the Eastern Cantons, a collection of individual territories ruled by varying political establishments, but ultimately subject to the Coven.

The Coven is made up of varying witches who use a form of magic that in the series is referred to as Aspect magic. This magic gives the witch the power to control aspects of whatever force they are attuned to.

Examples of witches and their aspects:

The Witch of Time: Aspect time-able to delve a person's timeline to see into their past

The Witch of Fire: Aspect fire-able to control the element of fire

The Witch of Nature: Aspect nature-able to speak with animals and manipulate fauna

The Coven is only introduced in, "Intellect" as the main character, Quint, seeks out the Witch of Time so that she may delve his past and prove his innocence in the murder of his love.

Learn more of the Coven by reading "Intellect" now, which is available on Amazon, and get the Anthology, "Prelude to the Shards" which will coming soon!

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