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I know it has been ages since I blogged and I must apologize for that. I have been very busy. Since the new year I have been working in earnest to finish up the follow-up to, "The Awakening" books with its sequel, "The Gathering." I'm happy to say that I have finished it... Well, sort of.

I have done what us authors like to call (or perhaps it is just me) round one of finishing. What that means is that I have finished writing the story. Now comes the fun part (sarcasm, heavily ladened on)... Editing.

Editing is one of those steps that, while, it sucks all the fun out of your life, is entirely necessary. I had a colleague ask me why I bother editing myself if I am just going to pay someone to edit it. It is a good question. Well, for one, the way I look at it, nobody is perfect. Even a professional editor will miss things, especially if the manuscript is full of errors. As you could imagine, it will start to become tedious if you are fixing things every few lines and that may cause you to miss mistakes you might have otherwise caught. So, if I can go through my own story a few times, weed out all of the simple mistakes I might have made while writing, chances are, the editor will catch more mistakes easier. Plus, even popular stories still have editing mistakes and you can imagine what kind of scrutiny those works get. So, if they still miss things, both me and my editor will as well, so no reason to clean up as much as I can before it even gets to them, in my opinion.

All that being said, as soon as I get done with my rounds of editing, and send it off to my editor, then I will be ready to format it for publishing.

I am really excited about this release. It has been a long time coming. "The Awakening: Part Two" came out November 1st 2017, so it has been almost two years since the release of its predecessor. I took some time to write, "Prelude to the Shards" before returning to writing, "The Gathering." Writing this last book was an amazing experience for me. It turned into quite an epic story! I believe it will be loved greatly by fans of, "The Awakening" books as it takes the action and turns it up to 11. And, if I'm being honest, I have learned a lot about writing since I wrote my last book which I believe has helped me write a more engaging and amazing story.

As I move closer to publishing though, I am desperately looking for beta readers and those who might be interested in joining my launch team. Those people with decent social media clout to help me promote its release. If you would be interested in joining my launch team, or would like to beta read for me, please contact me

Thank you!

Here is the cover for, "The Gathering"

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