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Start of a New Year!

I know what your thinking. It's almost March, isn't it a little late to be starting the New Year? Well...kinda. The thing is, my first novel, "The Awakening: Part One" is turning one on March 1st and for me, it's like the start of a New Year.

I am so excited about what I have going on this next year, I don't know what to start telling you about first!

So I guess I will just start with what is happening first.

Right now, I am participating in a AMA, or Ask Me Anything Q&A. It has been great fun and I have received a ton of great questions and I hope my answers have been insightful to those who are looking to self-publish or are just interested in my works and the industry itself.

If you would like to stop by and shoot me a question just click on the link below


Up next for me is Great Lakes ComicCon. I will be at Artist alley at table #422. So if you happen to be in the Warren, Michigan area and want to stop by and get a signed copy of my books, then I look forward to seeing you there!


Now one of the most exciting things coming up for me is the One Year Anniversary Virtual Party I am hosting on Facebook! I will be live, on Facebook, March 1st from 6pm to 8pm est. to host the party. There will be giveaways, book reads, and story synopsis reveal for, "The Gathering" the next book in the Lycan War Saga. I will be giving updates on where we are at in the writing of the book and will be releasing the prologue and also reading from the prologue of, "The Gathering" I will also be answering any questions about my writing and the books as there is time for.

So, please stop by, and take a moment to let me know you are planning on attending at the link below.


And lastly, I have just finished the first draft of the next story in the "Prelude to the Shards" anthology called, "Race of the Witchguard". Now, there will be some time before it will be released as it is now in the process of being cleaned up and edited, and cover art needs to be determined, but it will definitely be out soon. Perhaps before summer, with the follow up and last story, "A Town Called Ghost" hopefully being done before the end of the year.

If you would like to pick up, "Intellect" it is a short read and is available on a wide array of platforms. You can follow the link below to take you to the Amazon site if you have the kindle reader.


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