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New Year, New Fun!

Well, it's 2019 and its that time for people to make resolutions that they will just cast away in the next coming weeks. So often, our resolutions aren't realistic and that is why they fail. So, why don't you make a realistic one? How about discover a new author? Just saying.

To ring in the new year, I decided to do something special for my readers. I had some difficulty deciding if I should run a Contest, or a Giveaway. In the end, I decided to do both.

First, I decided to treat the fans of my Lycan War Saga. Its been over a year since I released the last installment, "The Awakening: Part Two" and I know my readers have been patiently waiting for, "The Gathering." Since I am still not done writing it, I could satisfy their patience... Or could I?

I devised a little contest, one that will reward a fan, and hopefully create a new one. All someone needs to do is get someone to buy a book from my catalog (They could even purchase one themselves, though I prefer it the other way) then they post a screen grab on my Facebook Author Page

with a tag of who convinced them to buy it and then they get added to a drawing that, if they win, they will get an exclusive look at, "The Gathering." They will be able to read everything I have written up until the point of the end of the contest! Long before anyone else gets to see it, they will know all the secrets, the twists and what happens to whom!

Now, you are probably thinking, 'So, because of my friend's purchase, I get to win something? That doesn't seem fair.' Well, I thought the same thing, which leads into the Giveaway. Because, with their purchase, they will automatically be added into my Giveaway!

What is the Giveaway you ask? Let me tell you. If you visit the Facebook Author Page in the link above, find the post which announces the giveaway and put your name in the reply, you will be entered into a drawing to win a signed copy of any of my books sent anywhere in the world! That's right, for the first time I am offering a signed copy to anyone, anywhere (well, anywhere that gets mail).

I know what you are wondering... You are thinking, 'O.k. I followed the link, I replied with my name or I got someone to buy a book and do the post, now what???' Well, it's simple. All you need to do is join me next Saturday, 1/19/2018 at 1pm est for a live broadcast on Facebook while I am a guest author for the release party for "Revery" Just follow the link and sign up to get reminders of when it will be going on and I will see you there where I will announce the winner of the Contest and the Giveaway!

Happy Reading!

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