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The Art of the Fair

This Saturday is the Second Annual Writer's Block Author Fair to be held at the Franklin Park Mall in Toledo, Ohio, from 10-5pm. I'm really excited about this event, because I organized it. Book fairs, like this one, are extremely important to independent and self-published authors. It is very difficult, in the world of book selling, to get noticed. You might be the next King or Rowling, but, unless you gain a fan base, you won't see Hollywood knocking at your door anytime soon, or even something as simple as being able to live off of being just an author. Book Fairs gives you the opportunity to meet with potential readers and sell them, not just your book, but yourself.

Selling yourself is integral to being successful. Beyond having a nice cover and a great blurb, people shop these fairs to MEET the author, not just buy the book. So smile. Joke. Tell meaningful stories about the characters in your books and why they are important to you. Endear yourself to the reader and you will create a fan. That is one thing independent authors have over traditional authors, we can take the time to really get to know our readers. We treasure each and every single one them as it has been a battle to get them.

Don't limit yourself to book fairs. Find your niche when it comes to your genre. Write Fantasy or Sci-fi? Participate in a Con. Romance? Do a signing at a winery. Mystery or Suspense? Locate a real haunted house site and do a signing there. Find any place that you can get to know your target audience and make it your next destination for book selling!


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