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How I wrote, "The Awakening"

I have had many people ask me why I have multiple POV in "The Awakening: Part One" so I thought I would take this time to elaborate at how and why I wrote "The Awakening: Part One" the way I did. First, when I came up with the idea of dealing with lycanthropes I was doing a lot with them on my D&D campaign I was DMing. In dungeons and dragons they introduce other lycans besides your usual werewolf that everyone knows and uses. They introduce many of the ones I decided to use in the series and are really what inspired me to use them.

Next, I took inspiration from comic books and cartoon shows I watched as a kid. I always liked how they brought a group of people together, like avengers, thundercats, silverhawks or justice league and how you got to know each of them first and then they came together to fight. So I wanted to write something where you have multiple "main" characters who you were introduced to and then were thrown together in a conflict, but I didn't just do this with the good guys, but also with the bad guys. This way, you get to know each of them, their motivations, their weaknesses, their strengths, their pasts. You get to understand them and why they are the way they are.

So I created the characters, or they created themselves as I wrote, and, "The Awakening" was born. I had always intended the series to be a three part story, which it still will be, but there is going to be more than three books. The main part of each I had titled a long time ago. "The Awakening" is first, then "The Gathering" and finally "The War." I don't know if each book will have two parts, or three even, it's hard to say as I have only just started writing, "The Gathering" so we will have to see.

Until next time...

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