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The Cast of, "The Awakening: Part One"

I decided I should take some time to introduce those who haven't read, "The Awakening: Part One" yet, the key players... the cast, for lack of a better term. First off, let's introduce one of the Saga's main protagonist. Sylvanis.


Sylvanis is the person who is depicted on the cover. She is a druidess from over two millennia ago. She was the leader of a group of druids who believed that nature and civilization could live side by side, with the guidance of the druids.

Because of the war with Kestrel, she was forced to sacrifice everything in order to stop Kestrel from continuing and possibly winning the war some time in the future. Neither one had any idea as to how far in the future their actions would lead them.

Due to the nature of the spell Sylvanis cast to thwart Kestrel's schemes, she is no longer as powerful as she once was and her only hope now lies in the ancestors of the Trues, the original Lycans that led her army, to come to her aid, if and when Kestrel comes looking for her.

She had never wanted this war with Kestrel, but she was forced to fight it, and fight it she did. She had defeated Kestrel, or at least she thought she did. Now she is being forced to fight this war all over again, in a time that is very much different than what she knows. She must defeat Kestrel for good this time.

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