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The Cast of...Kestrel

Next and counter-part to Sylvanis is her rival, Kestrel. Kestrel is the leader of the Druids who believed that civilization should be destroyed and controlled so that nature could be safe. She waged war against the other Druids and lost. She managed to find a way to come back though, and now, in present time, she has awoken and is gathering her forces to wage war again. In Kestrel's mind, what she is doing is just and right and the only way that she can do what she was tasked with doing, keeping nature safe. She is intelligent and beautiful, but cold and ruthless. With the help of her Weres that have also been re-awoken now, she will try to succeed where she had failed two millennia ago.

Next, we will meet the new Trues, starting with Clint.

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