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The Cast of...Clint Wallace

August 7, 2017


Let's meet Clint Wallace. Clint is an orphan, who lived on the streets of Chicago when he was a boy. His parents were killed in a car accident that he was also injured in. That was the first time he realized he wasn't like everyone else. He has since turned his life around and helps run a diner for a couple who also let him live in the apartment above the diner. When he starts having blackouts and waking up next to dismembered corpses of animals he naturally starts to freak out. It is only after he is once again injured and taken to the hospital that he meets a Doctor who will lead him to understand what has been happening to him. When he discovers the truth though, he wants nothing more than to rid himself of it.


Next character we will meet will be Kat.


Till next time.

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