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What to Expect in the Future?

What is coming down the road from me? Well, let me tell you. Up next is of course, Part Two of, "The Awakening." This will conclude the introduction of the new Trues. You've been introduced to some of them so far, and in the coming months I will introduce you to the rest.

So, what you can expect from me in the next month or so, is the cover reveal. I am pretty excited about this, though as of yet the artist has not had a chance to start working on it, but I expect it to go a lot quicker than the first one. So hopefully no more than a month away from being finished.

What is also happening at this moment is that I will be finishing up editing a short story I wrote called, "Intellect." This is a story from the upcoming Anthology, "Prelude to the Shards" which will, aptly be, a prelude to a series I will be writing after I finish, "The Lycan War Saga." The first book of that series will be called, "Shards of the Coven." That is a bit far off though, but the short story is almost finished, and the cover should be finished in a day or so, so I will be doing a cover reveal for that. That cover I have seen the almost finished product and let me tell you... It is awesome! That story will be made available for free on and when it is finished.

This year will be a great year for me. I will have released Part One, and Part Two of, "The Awakening," along with the short, "Intellect." Hopefully, next year will be as productive as this year.

As always, Part One is available on Amazon, so don't forget to pick up up soon so that you will be ready for the release of Part Two!

Till next time!

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