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Six months and not stopping!

Six months ago I published my first novel, "The Awakening: Part One" since then I have garnered a four star rating on Amazon. I have sold upwards of 50 books(may not sound like much, but when you are one of several thousand that release a book monthly, unless you are a big name, this is good), I have run a successful Kickstarter campaign to publish Part Two, and I have completed and are working on the final touches of the next book.

It has been an interesting and sometimes grueling process, full of ups and downs and learning many new things that I didn't even know that I was ignorant about.

Self publishing is a very rewarding experience as all of the ups an downs are as a result of what you put into it. If you got published by a publishing house, you would never know if the reason you weren't selling books was because of your book, or because of their lack of interest in 'selling' you. Sure, there has got to be a feeling of satisfaction when you walk into a Barnes and Noble or a Books a Million and see your book, there on it's shelf. But, when you self publish, it is you who has to make that fight, and it makes the shelving of said book, all the sweeter.

I have many more stories to tell, and I am not stopping at this one, or even the next. So please, join me on this journey into my minds eye, take a swim in the river of my creative juices and let me take you on a journey to another world, another time, another presence.

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