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Crossing the Finish Line

After months, no years of hard work, I am on the verge of publishing my second novel, "The Awakening: Part Two." 

This is exciting to me for two reasons. The first being that the culmination of the story that I started with in Part One will be wrapped up in Part Two. The book was never initially intended to be a two parter but I chose to break it up into two parts due to length and to create a break in the stories of the characters awakenings. With the publication of Part Two we will see the conclusion of the introduction to the new Trues and the background for the past and impending conflict. 

That leaves us with what happens next?

Which leads to the other reason as to why this is exciting to me. For the past six months I have been some more...finishing up editing...realizing I wasn't done editing, so edited some more and then finished editing.

Then edited more. If you are a writer, you know what I mean. If you aren't a writer than you will never truly understand the joys of that soul-sucking neccessity which is editing. But I digress. After all that time of editing... I haven't been really able to write! I miss it and I am excited to really start delving into Book Two of the Lycan War Saga. "The Gathering." 

I have started it, but I have barely scratched the surface. I imagine that this will be a much larger undertaking than, "The Awakening" was as I will be dealing with all the characters at once and some new ones to boot! It will be a lot more to juggle, but I look forward to it, as I hope you do too!

Til next time.

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