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As an independent author, or even, just an author. There is so much work that goes into putting a book in front of a reader. There is, of course, the writing. This is the part of the work that is a joy. You have an idea, you take the time to expand that idea till it becomes a work of art. You mold it, like clay, until it becomes something truly recognizable and appreciated... or at least you hope.

After you have written the book, then you release it into the wild, and great things happen! ...Not so much. Writing the book is only about 40% of your way to get that book in front of your reader. After writing, comes editing. Sure, you could skip this part, but nothing kills a book as quickly as a badly edited manuscript. If it's disjointed or has apostrophes in the wrong place... well, it can really turn a reader off, and while, a lot of readers won't leave reviews if they enjoyed the book. They will definitely leave them if they paid for a book and it ended up being crap.

So editing. Check. O.k. now it is ready to release into th... not so fast. Editors aren't perfect. If you missed all of your mistakes, you can be sure they are going to miss some too, so even after you shelled out a pretty penny to get it edited, you are still going to want to go back through it and edit it yourself, one more least.

So now you are about 50% done. I know right. You are thinking... wait, what??? I wrote the book, I got it edited, I even edited it another dozen times already... how am I not done? Well, you still have cover art to work out. You need to write and re-write your blurb (possibly re-write it for the third time). You need to narrow down which actual genre you are in, this may be easy, but also, it may not. There are genres, sub-genres, and even genre styles like grimdark. Don't forget to know your target audience. This may seem like a no-brainer, but there are people who study these things for a reason. Once you have all that done, well then you can release your book into the wild.

Nope. Sorry.

You never release your book. Your book isn't going to go out into the world and find readers for itself. You need to guide it along. You need to go over to the neighbors house and knock on their door and introduce your book to them. You need to take that book everywhere you go and make sure people know it is there. You will be holding your books hand till the day you die. You will give that book, and any future book you might write, everything you have. Because it can't do it alone.


So, let me introduce you to my work.

This is my first novel, "The Awakening: Part One." It is about four individuals who discover they have the power of lycanthropy and now must learn to live their lives after they shift for the first time. Beyond that, they learn they are part of an ancient war, between two Druidesses. They must learn to control these new powers as they are thrust into a battle for the fate of civilization itself!

$2.99 on Amazon or for free on Kindle Unlimited

$11.99 for soft cover book


"The Awakening: Part Two"

This is the second part to, "The Awakening" as you are introduced to the remaining new True lycans. Now, all eight of the original bloodlines have awoken. Sides have been chosen, and lines have been drawn. It will be only a matter of time before the world becomes aware that these creatures of myth and folklore now walk among us!

$3.99 on Amazon or for free on Kindle Unlimited

$11.99 for soft cover book



This is the first short story in what will be part of an Anthology entitled, "Prelude to the Shards"

Quint Linksill stands accused of murdering his love after being found with her body and a bloody knife.

Innocent, Quint fled the scene and the country. His only hope, to seek counsel of the Witch of Time, whose ability to view someone's timeline would allow her to determine that Quint did not commit the murder, and the Witch's word is law. Though the Witch can see he did not murder his love, she wouldn't be able to tell him who did. He would need to discover that on his own.

To do this, he must escape being captured by a man who pursues him for his own dark purpose.

This short story is available for free on So pick it up now!


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