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Are you seeing this?

"Are you seeing this?" Malcolm asked Alex as he stared at the screen on his tablet. The sounds of yelling and screaming poured out from the small electronic. "Seen what?" Shuffling over towards Malcolm, he struggled to look over his shoulder at the video. "This!" Thrusting the tablet into Alex's hands, his eyes bright and wide, nodding, encouraging Alex to watch the video. They were always showing each other videos on their tablets. Usually they were crazy videos of people doing incredible feats or they were videos of people failing to do incredible feats. This video wasn't like that. The scene on the video was taken by someone's cell phone and it was an impossible scene. Like something from a movie. A monster, some boarish looking thing, huge and fierce-some was fighting a humanoid looking tiger. Watching their battle unfold, Alex looked up at Malcolm. "Is this a trailer or something?" Malcolm shook his head and pointed to the side of the video. Thumbnails of other videos relating to this one could be seen. Swiping up, Alex saw dozens of similar videos. Different angles and different moments from the battle. "It happened in Chicago." The excitement in Malcolm's voice was tangible. Chicago wasn't all that far from where they lived. "What does it mean?" Alex asked to no one in particular. Malcolm just shrugged. "Isn't it awesome?" Alex didn't think it was awesome, he thought it was frightening.


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